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The Walk to Freedom is moving forward !

Since the Walk to Freedom opened its doors in 2011 it has been going from strength to strength in the Luton area with its innovative workshops and programmes. Now the success of the organisation has now stretched to Bedford, Watford and Hertfordshire!

The Walk to Freedom has now delivered a number of workshops in these areas and now has members who access the Walk to Freedom Dependency Support Programme through outreaches set up in these different areas.

Outreaches have now been or are being set up in the Watford and Bedford areas. Members to this programme are truly coming to grips with the reality of their dependency issues and are finally taking back their lives from using drugs and alcohol!

Once such organisation the Walk to Freedom is working in conjunction with is The Bedford African & Caribbean Forum who are based in Mill Street Bedford. Their primary operations are:


  •  Providing relief from financial hardship and social or economic disadvantages.
  • Providing employment opportunities
  •  Advance public education, training and in particular,provide opportunities for the members to participate fully in the life of their wider community in ways which address and promote community integration.
  • Promote well-being development and protection of health especially mental health.

The Walk to Freedom is grateful to Alex Audian and his team for partnering with our service for the greater good of its service users in the Bedford area …..

Keep checking our news  page for more exciting updates with the Walk to Freedom and From the Horses Mouth Programmes !!